They say Tesla was mad, a genius no doubt, but mad. he built lightning cannons, earthquake machines, and dreamed of free energy. They say that Edison began to lose it in the end. he built a radio for speaking to the dead, and had a megalomaniacal belief that his electricity was the only one worth having.

What if they were not the only ones with the gift of madness? what if they were not the only ones centuries ahead of their time? this is the imperfect world of their making. their students, their disciples, and a great deal more beyond them, outside of them. welcome to the world of yesterday, the world of today, and the world of tomorrow.

I am doing a sort of a Design journal thingy in the Adventure log. at least until I start running this game(probably not for a while, as I am currently running something else and it will take a while).

this is the dark world that could have been. Costumed vigilantes have stood up to the criminals for years, making a mockery of the justice system. Superhumans have existed since World War II, making a mockery of the laws of physics and the common man alike. dark things walk in the shadows, and the only thing standing between mankind and oblivion is this jack ass in tights.

may god have mercy on our souls.

An Imperfect World