An Imperfect World

Imperfect design 11

random thoughts occur...

so I was driving home, and this idea hit me. what if the effects of the Berlin blast(or whatever I end up calling it) don’t manifest in the people who are immediately effected. what if it is their children who gain the power(and only a small percentage of those).

also I think that a radial pattern of spread would make an interesting effect. most of Europe, parts of Russia, and all the American troops would be effected. leaving the super powers with a great deal of power in the coming years. Vietnam will definitely happen, though I think Korea will not. as America just got done with a war like a couple of years prior, rather than almost a decade.

as the Nazis were experimenting on the Jews(I assume they would) this would give the new nation of Israel a serious tactical edge in the post war world.

though this would leave Japan and china deficit in the super human department. maybe they seek out super humans and entice them to “breed” with native people to add the genes to the pool.

project ODESSA…with Nazi scientists the only ones who really know what is going on with superhumans, this leads to interesting complications in south America…think on this.



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