An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 12

Masks, a retrospective.

So I am back from my long hiatus. I was involved in many things not related to role playing so I won’t bore you with details. suffice it to say, I am back in the swing of gaming again(yay me!) and will be attempting to work on this old design journal some more. well off to the meat of the topic.

I got to thinking, one of the main aspects of the super hero genre is the secret identity. I decided I needed a reason for the supers to wear masks, aside from ,”protect my family,” as I think that is an incomplete reason. so I went with two routes. during the prewar years heros had to wear masks because the criminals really did have the cops on the run(in my world). criminals were organized and smart, they had the highest technology and the will to use it. if a particular cop got in their way they would get a member of his family and make sure the cop knew why. this lead to the birth of the masked crime fighter. this went on for years, until the war.

during the war, the Nazis didn’t want anyone to know that their so called master race as deformed, so it was mandatory that the supers wear masks. also due to the menace of these Ubermensch, the American government(again in my version) allowed amnesty to the science villains and masked vigilantes if they fought the Nazis. needless to say those same people were nothing if not the suspicious types, so they kept their masks on during the war. this lead to the public seeing these super beings fighting in masks for twenty years straight. thus the tradition of the mask. just a thought in passing really, need to work on it some more.



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