An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 2

The Red Scaring

so I have been putting a bit of thought into who the first costumed villain would be. I have decided to have two firsts. one that was the actual first, and one that was the publicly acknowledged first. the First villain will be George Anderson). he has the villain background, European nobility, educated in the finest skills, and committed the ultimate crime(for his time period). seriously $2.4 million dollars in 1921, how much is that in modern money? that’s a serious butt-ton of money. so he was the first, I am thinking that he disappeared after that heist, so he was the first, but he was a fluke. John Dillinger had read about that heist in the paper when he was young, after his stint in prison he decided that was the trick to getting away with the crimes he was going to commit. so he took on a costumed persona, and when he succeeded in his bank robbery he put half his money into upgrading his equipment. this lead to a continued interest in the highest tech he could get. he had the fastest cars, with extra features to help get away. he had specialized guns, and even body armor. this soon led to imitators throughout the criminal classes. flashy operators who had the best tech, sometimes even inventing it themselves. this led the various mobs to invest in science and engineering, causing an upswing in engineers and scientists working for the underworld. either they worked willingly for huge amounts of money, or unwillingly(“that’s sure a nice family you have there doc, be a real shame if somthin’ bad were to happen to ‘em. you now what I mean?”)

also I had a bit of a thought on post world war II Russia. I was thinking that the Ubermenschen would be used to great extent on the Russian front. causing even worse damage than was caused in the real world. maybe Russia spent a lot of time rebuilding thus retarding the cold war by at least ten years. maybe stopping it entirely. so America wouldn’t have gotten involved in Korea, or Vietnam. maybe the colonial powers would still hold sway over there. that’s a thought, also I need to look into post war China, and how would that change…

so that is all I have for now will write more later when I have thought of it, or maybe something else. Africa is a serious interest as is china and India. also what about ODESSA and south America. and if the Nazi scientists are killed in the bombing of Germany how does that effect the space program and suchlike? food for thought…



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