An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 3


so I got to thinking, if the cold war were stagnated, and we didn’t get involved in the Vietnam war would we have gone to the moon in 1969? also Cuba is an issue, maybe it is not communist? lets say that ODESSA still existed and managed to smuggle a few of the scientists and functioning Ubermenschen to South America. I like the idea of secret research being done deep in the heart of the Amazon, continuing on the work they did in Germany, maybe they seek to kidnap superhumans from all over the globe. to understand why their research led to “failures”, and why the accidental interaction with the atomic bomb worked better than the controlled instances in the lab. yeah this could work, the stories write themselves. also what if the government of whatever country they are in gets involved. provides them sanctuary provided they are supplied with the technology they need. this would create an odd power surge in a small south American country.

also would Kennedy have been shot? maybe he still was but Oswald gained powers after that so he could not be executed as easily(he’s immortal or something). so he is imprisoned in the first super max prison ever. locked away in Alaska somewhere far north and buried beneath the ice and snow. could nick name it “The Fridge”.

also consider setting the start date for the game to be in the early seventies, that would be a weird place. the seventies would look nothing like the seventies in our world.



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