An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 4

thinking thoughts...well no, not really.

Working on this project has brought to light one of my many faults as a designer. I start out with a good idea, but I add to much. the idea grows and grows, taking up more space every day. what to do? I guess I could split the game up into separate settings. one setting is in the thirties in America, masked heroes fighting costumed crime. then I could work out a World War II scenario, Allied heroes with nothing but there wits and a few tricks versus the Nazi Ubermensch. I could split that up. I really do not want to though. so I will be focusing on the beginning and we’ll see where that takes us.

today I have been thinking on gimmicks. if I want villains of the comic book variety(with a more realistic feel of course), then there needs to be a reason for the gimmicks. it doesn’t have to be a good reason, so long as it is plausible. Fame might work, the press latch onto these costumed villains and start asking why they use methods or weaponry that doesn’t match the theme of the costume. maybe the engineers they hire just start making weird devices, then the villains have to come up with a way to use the device for crime.

now there’s a thought, basic motivation. criminals are not devoted to crime as a concept. generally they are seeking something else. something that they feel is easier to attain through crime than through legitimate work. now some are looking to hurt the banks or the government for some perceived slight. some are in it for the money. some, though, some are in it for the thrill. I think that the last category would be the most likely to don cape and cowl to do dangerous and illegal things. so the typical costumed criminal is an adrenalin junky, hamming it up to become rich and famous. I think that works for me. of course after a while some “regular” criminals would dress up, simply because it is the thing to do.

that’s abut it for now, I will work on this more when I have something concrete.



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