An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 5

Losing all control

looking at this idea, I am realizing the scope is far beyond the standard for a campaign. This is more world building and alternate history than an actual campaign at this point. I will be attempting to focus more in on the campaign aspects than the world in the future. unless of course I decide to continue on the current path.

The first campaign arc will be street level, city level, story arc. The focus will be on the criminals running the city(basically). The players will be the first costumed heroes ever. I want to go through all the beginning decisions, why are they donning the mask, what are they using(skills, gadgets?), do they use a cape, are they sponsored by someone, are they alone, why did they form a group?

That last one will be the big issue of the first campaign. Why did they get together? Was it fame, or power, or loneliness? they will really need to work out the group dynamic, I hope to have very human characters and very human reasons for doing what they do.

now the second stage of the campaign will be in the war. the army will put these masked heroes into commando units, as they are used to dealing with strange things. so then you will get Nazi Ubermensch versus Allied masked heroes. which gives me a warm tingle when I think of it. that’s all I can think of at this point I will write more later.



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