An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 6

The Sino-Japanese Conflict

So I am incredibly depressed today, and I thought it might be helpful if I tried to create something. so today I will be working on Japan. During the Thirties, the Japanese were invading china. they were doing this for many reasons, but the main one was resources, Japan is fairly low on material resources: steel, oil, and that sort of thing. they invaded China to procure more of those resources. My basic thought on this is what if the Japanese were working on alternative power sources during this time. the big question is what power sources would they be working on? solar would be the obvious one, as it was invented(?) back in the 1800’s. however I want to think of some other ideas here as well. maybe geothermal energy, I know that the Japanese Islands are seismically active, I think that means there is geothermal energy available, right? I will have to look into that see what I can find out. I did read an article stating that the first geothermal engine was invented in 1905, or something like that. I have always been a fan of OTEC engines, so I will look into that, I know that the concept had been around by the thirties, I am just not sure if anyone tried to make one. if they do that, then they could build artificial islands around several OTEC generators. so the islands of Japan could be surrounded by many artificial islands. that’s a fun concept, I may have to work with that, even if I don’t use the OTEC. the hard part would be the storms and weather around Japan…now if there was only a way to negate that, or harness it. wind power is an option I guess, but does the wind around Japan blow steadily? I just do not know, I will have to look into that. Marine Current Power sounds very promising, however it was only invented recently, and so it might be a little off for the Japanese to invent it in the mid to late thirties, but I really like the idea so maybe…

also I believe the Russians were involved in a war with the Japanese prior to WW II. I just can’t remember when, wait minute I will go check…OK so that was in like 1904, I guess that idea is out. well darn! well by the time of the Sino-Japanese war(actually this is the second Sino-Japanese war, but the first doesn’t really enter into my speculations at this point)the Chinese had become Communist(sort of). so the question becomes what if the Japanese do not lose the holdings they gained through warfare. they could build Dams across many of the rivers in China and that would supply many factories much power. however, what to do about the lack of steel…I will have to think on this. I think that is all I have to say for now. I will sink back into my own self loathing for a while, maybe something will happen.



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