An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 8

The Butterfly Effect

So thoughts on the Berlin Atomic Drop. So the Germans were working on many secret weapons from the very beginning of the war. One of these is the Ubermensch Project, another was the development of nuclear weapons. In this alternate history, Germany started working on some “mysterious nuclear properties”, or some such thing. Both these projects were on the outskirts of the blast zone. When the Atomic Bomb is dropped, the blast breaches the projects’ bunkers. The resulting combination is sucked into the Jet Stream, causing the strangeness in the world that follows. At least that is where I am currently leaning. Of course I could just leave the whole thing to speculation and give no answer. I kind of hate that sort of thing, not knowing, I think I would prefer even a partially plausible reason, rather than none at all.

I also think that this effect won’t just effect people, or even living things. I think it would be interesting if the effect(radiation, mutagen, or whatever) “pooled” in locations, allowing for physics to be mutable in some places, and for fortean phenomena and such like.

As to the amount of the superhuman/fortean phenomena. I think that it should be quite rare. maybe no more than a thousand people world wide, and very few unique locations and strange animals. Now, I think that the prevailing beliefs of the people’s collective unconscious, or whatever will have an effect on the nature of the strangeness. Which is why some animals(and even some plants) can have a human like intelligence. These are simply my basic thoughts on this subject, I will write more.



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