An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 9

I guess I forgot to mention...

Nazi Ubermenschen, I think that the Nazis were the first to develop Super beings. they were working on creating the master race and stumbled on a way to give superhuman abilities to people. however it had the downside of making them physically deformed, or mentally unstable. the Nazis covered this up with masks and segregating the Ubermensch from the rest of society as much as they could. maybe they used the propaganda to say that the Ubermanschen were to advanced to really be near the half breed society. all the while Nazi scientists were working on perfecting the process to get the effect down correctly. to build a true Ubermensch.

when the war is on they send the Ubermenschen out in front as part of the Blitzkrieg. they have a devastating effect on the Allied forces, so when America enters the war they recruit as many mystery men as they can, even offering monetary rewards and an agreement not to look into the fantastic devices that were being built. the allied Mystery Men became part of small elite commando units, which is where they get the name Elites. they finally turn the tide of the war. it is a slow progress, but progress none the less. I will write more on this later.



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