George Anderson

AKA The Ghost


Always wears a Skull mask when dealing with others within the criminal world. tall and lean, wears a white cloak and hood, lined in black. his clothing when “in uniform” is black military style fatigues.


The true origin of the masked villain. he and two accomplices hijacked a mail truck in 1921, and stole $2.4 million. he betrayed and killed his accomplices and managed to disappear. using the money he started a “criminal university”. realizing the need for a technological edge amongst criminals he hired several of the leading scientists in their field and had them researching new technologies for robbing banks, trains, and armored cars, and also new technologies for escaping justice. using this he began forming criminal bands and outfitting them with high technology.

He is a Super-normal, maxed out(5) in all stats, and is qualified in many skills related to strategy, combat, finance, and long term planning, as well as being good at interpersonal skills.

George Anderson

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