“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Criminals in costumes, brightly clad to hide their dark deeds, are making a mockery of the justice system. the Police can’t even catch them, let alone prosecute them. and the FBI cannot hold them even if they do manage to catch one. there are no eye witnesses…no one is that stupid. Behind it all, hidden in the shadows, is the Duke of Crime. no one has seen his face, no one knows where he gets his money. he is more myth than man, a legend, he can’t be real. one man controlling all major crime? Impossible!

Here is where I will put my info for the 1930s heroes and villains, as well as any major changes to the time line.

Dillinger, he was the first(not really, but he was the first famous one). need to work out advanced tech for the thirties that the crooks would have.

I think there will be one mastermind at the beginning of the decade. he runs a think tank called “The Factory”. they produce high tech devices and come up with schemes to use that tech to make more money illegally. some view them as heroes, some view them as villains. the reality is they are run by a greedy man with a theatrical side. he sees himself as restarting the age of myth.

during this time period the Nazis are working on their Ubermensch project, and the Japanese are coming to the realization that oil and metal are not viable for Japan long term. they start projects to reduce there dependence on these products.( I like this idea, I am not sure how viable this is. also there is the war between china and japan, I think this is where a lot of the super tech is tested by the matermind behind the whole thing.

Super Tech
souped(is that right? that looks wrong…oh well!) up cars, explosive bullets, gas pellets/canisters, body armor, cars with the bond special features(oil slicks, caltrops, smoke screens, etc.) and I have this real urge to have a rocket pack, but no, that would be silly…well…maybe…

OK, so I have thought this through, I think that off road vehcles and helicopters are with the bounds of reason, as are armor piercing bullets. also electrical manipulation devices and earthquake machines are a strong possibility. submarines and airships are also a direction I would like to go in.

Rules Options

Character Generation
each start at 1 die automatically(30 pts)
8 more dice to place in them(40 pts)
max 5 dice in any stat

you have 20 dice to allocate amongst your skills(40 pts)
max 5 dice in any skill

final points(for archetype, powers, etc)
Archetypes available(anachronist[20 pts], super normal[5 pts], maybe adept[5 pts])
have 70 points total to spend on archetype and power, plus any extra skills or attributes(up to 5 dice each)



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