“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
William Pitt

Same as the ‘30s but a decade later.

My basic idea for Nazi Ubermensch is that they are not really the master race at all. the Nazi scientists are still working on that project. the Ubermensch that the people of Europe are in fear of are the rejects from the Ubermensch project. that is why they wear masks, they are generally deformed or mentally unbalanced. great cannon fodder, so long as no one finds out what they really are.

they have one power only, which is still impressive for the time.(considering that no one else had anything even close to that. the Ubermensch prove to be the difference in the war. they push deep into Russia, doing far more damage than in the real world. the war lasts until the end of the decade(‘47-’49 somewhere in there, haven’t decided yet). when the Americans finally build the Atomic bomb they use it, on Hiroshima and on Berlin. the bomb on Berlin goes wrong; something goes wrong. the blast is ten times as big as any prediction. the Nazi science camp working on the Ubermensch program was near the edge of the blast zone. the mutagen was sucked into the upper atmosphere by the implosion and spread across the globe. within months of the Berlin blast super humans are popping up all over. not many(a few hundred) but enough to gather interest.

Germany, what’s left of Germany, surrenders. it is not divided up as there is nothing to really divide, the center of the country is a wasteland. Russia retreats to lick it wounds and won’t reappear on the international scene for a decade.



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