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This is my new campaign. the idea occurred to me when I heard one line in “The Watchmen”. then I saw a documentary on the bank robbers of the twenties and thirties.

I have always held that in order for super heroes to exist, there needs to be super villains first. so what if those flashy bank robbers of the twenties and thirties started wearing flashy costumes? I know that they did use the fastest cars, the newest guns, and amazing tactics to get away with robberies. what if one of them hired an engineer to build him better equipment? suddenly the other criminal gangs start hiring scientists and engineers to build them gadgets and devices in order to continue eluding the police. The FBI and the Police are at a loss, then rumors start floating around. rumors of Vigilantes in masks, with their own gimmicks.

Meanwhile the Nazis are working on a super soldier program(this one bears fruit, though none know it at the time), and the Japanese start working on alternate power sources, as they realize they cannot depend on oil. in China monks and Martial artists start appearing to uphold tradition and justice. Then Germany invades Poland(or wherever it was they first invaded…I think it was Poland…now I am not sure) and the Ubermensch are on the front line and in the news. no one has ever seen what these men can do. the war drags on longer than it did in the real world, America still develops the A bomb and drops it on Japan, however Germany gets the second bomb. unknown to the rest of the world the Germans were working on there own atomic tests, when the American A bomb went off it interacted strangely with the German experiments, destroying far more land than in japan, far more than any estimate ever made. the war was over, but the world was forever changed.

Supers start appearing all over the place, never in large numbers, usually for no discernible reason. In Africa the Jungle turns dark and mysterious, people who go into the Congo do not return. in northern Russia, during the winter, a great white bear, big as a house, is spotted roaming the snow laden land. the world got a lot stranger, and little darker. most people think it has to do with bombing of Germany( I am thinking of Berlin being bombed, but have not decided yet), but no one knows how.


Main Page

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