An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 10

Science!!! ...OH YEAH!!!

So I was thinking of things that the Mystery men, and Science Villains could use. seeing as this is set in the thirties, that does limit my choices somewhat…provided I do not stoop to using some sort of “Unobtanium” or something. Energy sources and communication gear are where I am starting out, as they will have a great impact on a great many things in the years to come. as I said before, initially the Gageteers will tend to jealously guard there secret devices(need to come up with a reason for that eventually, maybe in a future design log). Thus for the first few decades the tech level of your average street person’s life will not be altered all that much.

I will start with Germany, as they have the largest impact on life around the world. They will focus on Genetics and Mechanics. they want the Ubermensch, and they want the best vehicles and infra structure available.

Japan is a different story, as I have stated before, they realized(in my version of things) early on that their dependence on oil was going to be a major hindrance, so they have focused all of their scientific talent on discovering alternate fuel sources, and alternate energy sources as well.

In the U.S.A the Mob, oddly enough, controls a majority of the scientists. the remaining either work for big corporations, or go into the Independent Villain/hero business(if not both secret identity, hard working scientist by day, masked vigilante by night…oh yeah).

so maybe Japans excursions into alternate fuel lead them toward solar, geothermal, or Biofuels. can you power a carrier on methane or whatever? if not can you power a household? maybe they save all the Oil for their military and use alternate sources for the civilian world? maybe its a mix of both.

no I just have to come up with a few actual technologies for this to be useful…I’ll have to think on this. maybe this is the wrong way to go about doing this…



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