An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 13

Gave birth to nations...

So I was reading through…something, I forget what exactly, but it mentioned something of interest to me. It laid out that most criminal organizations don’t really have the logistics, or inclination, to train specialists in violence. Most hit men are, while not poorly trained, not the peak of the killing profession. The best freelance and criminal assassins were trained by the military, or some group along those lines.

That got me thinking of my second favorite comic book villain of all time, the Taskmaster. so I decided to combine these two concepts with an idea that was already germinating withing this mind of mine. George Anderson was going to be my first Costumed Villain, but he was going to disappear after his initial big score. I was thinking on what he would do with his money, then it hit me. After I picked my self up and dusted my self off, I started putting the thought together. Mr. Anderson became a trainer of “henchmen,” superior training for the criminal enterprise. as the years go on and he gets more business maybe he expands out into an underground university for the training of science prodigies that the crime bosses think would be useful.

I think this would be a very useful aspect of the setting, need to think on this more. Is there a law against training people in the commission of crimes? if not, would there be one soon after the discovery of the institute? hm…



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