An Imperfect World

Imperfect design 16

Year One

OK then, I think I need to stop speculating and move onto designing something playable. the starting year is 1934, one year after John Dillinger started robbing banks for serious.(not like all those other times, they were just for fun)

the base setting piece will be Chicago. the reason I am leaning toward Chicago is it’s ties to organized crime. in this version of events they have been hiring men from The Academy, a secret school for training criminals. it is run by the mysterious Ghost, a man rarely seen, but much feared. the Criminals have the run of the city, there is effectively no law there(picture Gotham just prior to the Batman’s arrival and you have a fair idea of how things are going in Chicago at this time).

no the players will be either Super Normals or Anachronists(i.e. Gageteers). the first step in character creation will be deciding why you decided to wear a mask. I am thinking of making this crucial mechanically(along the lines of conviction, loyalty, or what have you) you will gain will power when you are realizing your motive(need to work on this more). the next step will be asking the question why did you team up to fight crime(role playing is a team sport you know). then you move onto character creation, I am leaning toward the standard being 150 points, but that is not set in stone by any means.

then I would like the group to come up with the types of crime they seek to eliminate. this is due to my liking for a framework for gaming. I am of the belief that limitations inspire creativity. I need to work this step out more though.

that is all for now, I will write more later. I need to work out rules for cities(leaning toward adding aspects a la Fate, but we’ll see if I stick to that). also need actual mechanics and world reasons for there to groups of masked avengers. well toodles for now!



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