An Imperfect World

Imperfect Design 19

Twilight of the Gods

I have made some crucial distinctions in the nature of superhuman powers during and after the war. The powers do not stem from a biological source. Despite what the Nazi scientists think, they are not advancing science. Their beliefs on eugenics, and the Aryan ideal are shaping the nature of magic.

now what is the nature of magic? That is the question, really. this is all met-knowledge, no one in the world really knows that all super powers(save for gadgets) stem from forces beyond(and outside) science. Magic is change, and so it cannot be trusted. Magic is power, so it can be harnessed. Magic is willful, it seeks to master. So, with that in mind I decided that once magic is a formless supernatural energy source that pools in some places, crystallizes in others, and can be shaped and trapped within forms. Once it has a location it obeys a set of laws(similar to, but often counter to, the laws of nature) that can be observed, and repeated(most of the time).

The Nazis gathered together many items from such places, and many items of magic as well. all gathered together the magic interacted with their beliefs in science and the mastery of the German peoples. this allowed for the creation of the Ubermensch.

the reason I decided on this route, is twofold. the first reason being, the only way one can have a world where people can defy the laws of physics is if they are accessing power outside of the physical world that can somehow effect the physical world. magic suited my purpose here very well. the second reason I chose this rout…it’s more fun this way. in a world where physics apply, almost, all of the time one can never really be sure of what you are walking into. Also, I have never liked magic that works the same way every time; this allows for GMs to play with things, keep the players guessing. like I said far more fun.



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